Process Automation

Process AutomationRobocloud offers process automation services throughout the UK.  Our team of experts can help transform your manual business processes using RPA or Robotic Process Automation.

The possibilities of using digital workers are exciting, with increased productivity, accuracy and service levels for customers as well as the ability for your workforce to save time on manual, repetitive processes. Our process automation team offer discovery days to get to know your existing processes and provide options and solutions of how RPA could help.  Whether you want to tackle your HR, Finance, Operations or Compliance processes, our team can assist.

RPA as a service is accessible to any size of business, big or small, with no upfront costs for software. Robocloud’s services allow you to access our digital workforce as and when you need it, via a simple monthly fee.  This is a scalable and flexible service, allowing you to scale up or down to meet your business needs.

How can RPA be utilised in your business

HR – Our cloud-based software robots can open, validate and sort incoming emails. HR files and documents can be uploaded to your HR system automatically. Send packs and induction information to employees.Book a demo

FINANCE – Perform automated accounts statement reconciliation tasks. Compare the statement to the ledger and identify a list of exceptions, based on your rules, for your accounts payable team to action.

OPERATIONS -Gather your reporting data automatically. Our digital workforce can check and gather data from multiple business systems and provide regular business reporting to keep your team updated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

COMPLIANCE – Perform know your customer checks automatically. Our robots can login to third party systems, search and retrieve verification data to ensure your company it’s meeting its compliance obligations.

SALES – Ensure your sales invoices are correct.  Check your invoiced line items against product price books in Salesforce or other CRM systems. Validate incoming enquiries or data, perform credit checks for new accounts or enquiries.

For further details about our Process Automation Services, contact our RPA team now on 0800 046 8086 or contact us.