Timesheet Automation

Many businesses and agencies are faced with manually processing timesheets.  This can be a key issue for recruitment consultancies or agencies, with timesheet processing causing a distraction from core business activities, ultimately reducing the number of people you are actually able to recruit and place with an organisation.
Timsheet Automation

Robocloud offers timesheet automation services throughout the UK.  Our cloud-based robotic software services enable manual timesheet processes to be completed automatically.

This digital workforce service can be accessed as and when required to suit the needs of your business. No upfront capital investment is required. This is a flexible, scalable service available 24/7.

What can our software robots do?

  • Validate digital timesheets
  • Email managers/clients for approvalBook a demo
  • Analyse times based on agreed hours
  • Check for gaps in timesheets
  • Notify managers for any absences and email employee for details
  • Analyse trends for lateness or absence
  • Calculate total times
  • Calculate pay against agreed rates
  • Send-on for next step in processing
  • Generate reports for billing or invoicing your clients

For further details about Robocloud’s automated timesheet services call our team on 0800 046 8086 or contact us.