Supplier Onboarding

Compliant supplier onboarding is an important business process to ensure new suppliers meet your compliance standards and provide a secure supply chain management for both your business and customers.  This process can be very time consuming for your employees, including manual checks and validation for risk management, financial background, insurance and compliance with specific standards.

Robocloud offers RPA as a service, via a simple monthly subscription.  This allows your business to access our team of cloud based software robots to automatically perform manual checks, validation and emails to suppliers, allowing staff to focus on high value tasks, ensure efficiency and spend more time developing positive relationships with suppliers.

Supplier Questionnaires

An efficient supplier questionnaire is key to the screening of suppliers and their employees to mitigate risk. Our team of digital robots can automate these activities and provide real time validation data ready for your supplier onboarding team to action with a full audit trail. These checks are vital to risk management and include:- 

  • Sending supplier questionnaires.
  • Supplier checks – checking compliance with accreditations and industry standards.
  • Sending emails or logging in to business systems to perform credit checks and supplier validation information such as insurance levels.
  • Requesting third party references.
  • Providing automated alerts to changes in vendor profiles and procedures.

These supplier checks can take up large amounts of time when conducted by human workers and slow down the onboarding process but Robocloud’s workforce can perform these activities in a fraction of the time.

See below video showing one of our software robots performing an automated credit check.

RPA bots are able to carry out a variety of other repetitive supplier onboarding tasks such as:-

  • Storing and updating supplier details, primary contacts, licenses and documentation across multiple business systems and databases. 
  • Integrate business systems and databases to minimise the need to key in data multiple times. Systems that can be integrated include legacy systems, ERP systems, Excel spreadsheets and supplier portals.
  • Validate contracts based on the rules you give to ensure that all necessary information is provided, correct and in line with the minimum requirements  you have set. If approval cannot be obtained, escalate the issue and send emails to the appropriate person or department for action.
  • Pull together supplier information and provide analysis and reports when necessary.

RPA As A Service

Robocloud’s RPA as a Service is low cost, requiring no upfront software investment. Our RPA experts can scale your automated supplier checks subscription level to meet your needs and onboarding volumes. Bots can be programmed to work in line with your validation rules. Our software robots work 24/7 to provide data ready for your team to action. The service is flexible, scalable, accurate and consistent. 

Benefits Of RPA In Supplier Onboarding

  • Drive higher efficiency
  • Allow employees to focus on higher value tasks
  • Ensure good communication with suppliers and develop positive relationships
  • Mitigate risks and errors
  • Greater visibility
  • More control
  • Full audit trail
  • Low cost

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