Recruitment – Take away timesheet troubles, reduce risk

18th June 2018 | By Jan Cahill

Timesheet Automation - Recruitment

Timesheets can be a real issue for recruitment agencies, not only causing many hours of manual processing including validation, client and employee approval, but also causing an issue with cash flow if the client won’t pay. According to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, there are 1.3 million agency workers on any given day in the UK labour market, so that’s a lot of timesheets.

Your staff will want paying on time and as the recruitment agency you will normally be making the payment, but if you can’t bill these hours to the client, due to authorisation issues, you have a problem. Timesheets clearly need to be processed quickly in order for agency staff hours to be validated, but this can be a lengthy task and if it’s not dealt with in real time or the process is incorrectly followed, can result in non-payment.

Let your recruitment consultants recruit

Finding and keeping good people isn’t always straightforward (if you’re a recruitment agency you already know that!) so what if you could do more with the people you’ve already hired, trained and trust?  Robocloud can help you to reduce the menial, annoying tasks that impact morale – such as timesheet processing. How many hours of productive time could you get back just on timesheet processing to start with?

If your recruitment agency is looking to increase margins, save manual processing time and reduce non-payment for agency workers time, consider Robocloud’s Robotic Software Services.

  • Delivered on a ‘pay as you go’ basis
  • No hardware required
  • Scalable, secure and accessible from anywhere

Digital workforce

Robocloud offers a digital workforce who work 24/7, 365 days a year.  Our robotic software can be trained to perform many manual tasks for timesheet automation, for example:

  • Digital timesheets can be validated
  • Email clients automatically for approval
  • Times can be analysed based on previous history
  • Dates checked against contracted period
  • Data checked for any missing information
  • Total times checked
  • Payment calculated against agreed rates

For further details about our timesheet automation, robotic software services for recruitment agencies contact our team today on 0800 046 8086.