Transformation Technology – RPA

22nd April 2020 | By Jan Cahill

New transformation technology and innovations are constantly changing today’s working environment and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is no different.  Since its introduction RPA has had a positive impact on businesses by boosting productivity, reducing costs and redeploying staff to focus on high skills-based activities.

Transformation Technology - RPA

RPA Business Improvements

Improve Productivity Consider what proportion of their day fee-earning employees spend on tasks such as validating information, updating business systems or sending emails.  These data tasks can potentially be done automatically, enabling fee earners to carry out more productive and profitable tasks. RPA can complete manual activities in a fraction of the time of your human workforce, speeding up processes, increasing accuracy and boosting productivity. 

Reduce Employee TurnoverProcess automation enables employees to focus on profitable tasks rather than repetitive, mundane ones. As a result, employees tend to feel more valued and enjoy the variety of work they carry out. This reduces staff turnover and allows employees to become more involved in proactive customer communications, generating new ideas to help your business grow further. 

Reduce Costs Implementing RPA transformation technology can reduce business costs, particularly by increasing staff retention and minimising the need for recruitment and training. Costs surrounding business activities can also be reduced by the digital workforce carrying out manual activities quickly, increasing productivity for no additional cost. 

Collaboration Robotic Process Automation allows for the collaboration of systems and people to improve efficiency in your organisation and encourage positive interaction. Collaboration is enabled between:-

  • Systems – RPA can easily integrate multiple systems and migrate data across them. This process improvement eliminates the need to rethink systems or invest in expensive applications, saving time and reducing human error in the process. 
  • People – By freeing up employees they’ll be able to interact more with a variety of people, including other employees and customers. As a result, the customer relationship will be improved and allow for the development of positive long term relationships.
  • Employees and bots – Your human workforce will be able to action data provided by the RPA bots who are capable of working around the clock. This can allow an improvement in productivity, processing times and meeting SLAs.

Improved insights The digital workforce can pull together reporting dashboards to provide a real-time overview of activities for your departments. This can improve visibility across your organisation and help you to make more informed decisions. Here are some examples:-

  • CRM – While employees dedicate more time to improving customer relationships, reports can be created based on customer information and similar records to provide a full overview of their relationship with your organisation. As a result, employees will be able to provide specific resolutions to any queries raised.
  • Marketing – Track and analyse analytics to better understand customer insights and improve marketing efforts accordingly. 
  • Risk assessments – RPA can generate a clear overview of risks, accidents and data for businesses to improve the management of health and safety in your organisation.
  • Sharing data – Robots can be used to migrate or share data across organisations and systems, quickly and easily.  This can be a powerful tool when sharing data quickly is critical for multiple organisations. 

Why Choose Robocloud?

Robocloud provides RPA Transformation Technology as a unique service to companies of all sizes across the UK. You can utilise the latest RPA software, without the expense of investing in your own technology and benefit from our RPA experts to develop bespoke solutions.

Flexibility  Access our cloud-based digital workforce via a simple monthly subscription. The RPA service is flexible and can be scaled to suit your rules and requirements, with a minimum use of 2 hours per week. This flexibility allows your organisation to make use of the software robots as and when they are needed, scaled to suit the peaks and troughs in demand.

Transparency Robocloud provides a full audit trail of robot and human actions so you have a complete overview of activities. The cloud-based workforce is fully secure and data access is only provided to authorised staff.

Find out more about RPA transformation technology to improve your business processes contact us or call 0800 046 8086 to start your digital journey today.