What is Robotic Process Automation?

15th March 2019 | By Jan Cahill

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA for short, is where a piece of specialist of software (referred to as a ‘robot’)Robotic Process Automation Services from Robocloud is taught to carry out a specific task such as data entry or processing. The robots are used to automate mundane yet necessary business tasks. Multiple robots can be used to create a virtual workforce, carrying out monotonous processes so that your team can focus on the important tasks that bring in revenue.

How Does RPA Work?

RPA takes any rules-based, repetitive business process that is normally carried out by people and automates it. This means that tasks can be carried out much faster and with fewer errors.

This is done by teaching the robots a process across one or more business systems.  We combine this with your business rulesets and other pre-built modules (e.g. security and audit) which then allows the robot to repeat this task again and again, working through large amounts of data much faster than a human user could.

The workforce of robots carry out their tasks in a cloud-based environment, making RPA space-saving and scalable as well with minimal set-up costs and easy deployment.

What Tasks Can RPA Be Used For?

As the robots are taught specific tasks, there are a wide range of potential applications. However, RPA lends itself particularly well to repetitive, monotonous processes. Some examples of where RPA is used are:

  • Data validation in CRM or ERP systems
  • Migration and cleansing of data
  • Accounts and statement reconciliation
  • Employee, client and supplier onboarding
  • Credit checks
  • Sales order processing
  • Legal conveyancing
  • Approvals processes

RPA essentially automates all of the background processes that keep your business ticking over. Keeping all your records up-to-date and accurate is essential to running a business, but can be time-consuming or even become neglected. Robotic process automation allows these tasks to be carried out quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively in the background while your business focuses on its core activities.

The Benefits of RPA

Using RPA to automate processes in your business brings a multitude of different benefits, both to your balance books and your workplace atmosphere. Here are just a few:

Save Money

Using robotic process automation leads to considerable savings for your company. For starters, you reduce the labour costs for time-consuming, repetitive tasks. This also means that your staff have more time to devote to the activities that make your business money. It’s a win-win situation. Using RPA helps you to improve your productivity and gain a competitive advantage.

Boost Employee Morale

In any business, there are always mundane admin tasks that need carrying out. They’re usually the tasks that no-one really wants to do. With RPA, none of your employees have to do them. They can spend more time pursuing their individual career goals, focussing on customer satisfaction and adding value.

Reduce Errors

Unlike people, robots don’t get tired. This means that business processes can be carried out with much more efficiency. Errors are far less likely to occur, meaning your records are more reliable. You set your own rules for tasks, ensuring consistency and accuracy. Work can also be closely monitored, with tasks being pinpointed to a particular robot at a particular time and date.

Available Around The Clock

RPA bots work 24/7. This is another advantage of using RPA instead of employees to carry out business tasks – work gets completed much quicker, as robots don’t need to take breaks, time off or sleep. If you need some data ready for the next day, an RPA bot can work on it overnight so it’s ready in time.

Enjoy Flexibility And Scalability

At certain times, such as when migrating data or when your business is going through a big change, you may need additional data processing capabilities for a limited amount of time. RPA is a great solution here, as you can deploy just the amount of robots you need at that time. It’s a flexible and scalable solution that can help you optimise and grow your business.

Here at Robocloud, we offer RPA as a service. This provides even more convenience to businesses who want to take advantage of the benefits of RPA – there’s no need for a big upfront investment in servers, licensing or professional services, and you can hire out our robots for as little as two hours per week. Read more here.

To get started have a chat with our RPA Ninja’s call 0800 046 8086 or contact our team.